Shirin Merchant is a pioneer in the field of canine behavior and training in India. Since 1995, she has helped pet parents in England, India and Sri Lanka with behaviour and training problems ranging from dominance, housetraining, chewing, aggression, destruction to boredom and compulsive behaviours.

She is the only person in Asia to have gained an accreditation from the Kennel Club of England’s elite KCAI scheme for dog trainers and behaviorists in companion dog training and behavioral training. She is one of only 8 people in the world to have been awarded the prestigious accreditation in behavioral training.

Shirin Merchant was felicitated by the President of India and the Ministry of Women and Children at the First Ladies Awards– for women who have transcended barriers to achieve a milestone and are declared to be the ‘first’ in their respective fields.

About Shirin Merchant…

The world said it couldn’t be done – Indian women can’t train dogs! Shirin Merchant said it could and then went on to show them how. Not only did she train dogs, but for over 24 years, she has worked hard to change the way dogs are trained in India from methods of intimidation and pain to kinder, positive training methods.

Now, when a trainer tells a dog owner it can’t be done, the swift retort is – “If Shirin could, we can.” Thanks to Shirin, dog lovers in India now believe that there is always a kinder approach to any problem.


Shirin started working in the field of dogs in 1995. She was India’s first qualified canine behaviourist and the first person in India who tackled canine behaviour problems using the science of canine psychology.

The journey hasn’t been easy for Shirin; she has overcome many obstacles to make the changes she has in India. But, she truly believes that any dog with a training or behaviour problem can be helped without using harsh training tools or methods of intimidation.