Canines For Corporates

It is believed that the relationship between man and animal dates back to thousands of years ago. Today, man is slowly realising the benefits of going back to his roots; yoga, reiki and herbal healing are among a few of the old therapies that we turn to to improve our lives and heal our bodies and minds. Internationally, corporate companies are turning to these old time tested relationships and realising how working with an animal can make a human understand his/her own workplace strengths and weaknesses.

The canine training sessions and workshops, conducted by Asia’s pioneering canine behaviourist and trainer – Shirin Merchant, is a one of-its-kind learning where the participants learn and develop a variety of skills that will help them through work and life. The USP of the workshop is that though human teachers will be present, the participants will learn the most from the original teachers at the venue – the animals.

Though Shirin Merchant has conducted many training workshops worldwide for canines enthusiasts over the years, the canine corporate training workshops are a new concept in the world of corporate experiential learning.

Aims Of The Canine Corporate Training Workshop

The entire training will be packed with learning, but yet be fun. Throughout the workshop, the emphasis will be on teaching interdependence and learning, and creating bonds and strategic teamwork skills necessary for success in today’s competitive business environment.

The canine offsite training workshop will help the participants to

Getting a dog to jump over hurdles using only verbal commands or getting a dog to put on a light switch within a span of ten minutes requires a high level of communication skills. In our harried, fast-paced lives we forget to be good communicators – a skill that can improve our relationships at home or at work. At the workshop, participants will be taught how animals communicate effortlessly without saying a word and how we can imbibe those skills in our day to day life.

With kinder methods of training prevailing in today’s day, punishment, ridicule and anger have no place in training an animal – or in an office workplace. Participants will learn how to use effective reinforcement methods and do away with outdated learning methods. This learning will help the participant improve his golf game, be a better parent and have increased productivity at the workplace – all through simple principles of learning.

Participants will have to learn how to solve problems on their own and make quick decisions. Animals react quickly to a situation; participants have to learn to react just as fast and learn to think on their feet. The workshop will force the corporate trainees to try a variety of tactics and solutions to win over the animal during an exercise and by doing so, understand their own strengths and weaknesses, and develop the ability to negotiate and provide solutions.

In today’s selfish world, we have little time for others or for that matter even ourselves. The animals will teach the participants how to stop and listen to what they are saying – it will be the only way the animal will reciprocate. Participants will also learn how empathy towards all makes us better human beings.

There will be many situations during the workshop where the participants will have to learn to trust. Trust their instincts, their inner voice, their team mates and the animals they are working with.

Animals have a unique way of managing the stress they go through on a daily basis. Participants will learn the many ways an animal reduces its stress and how they can imbibe it in their day to day life.

All the exercises will include with fruitful discussions and debriefings after every activity, drawing parallels between workplace behaviour and that of animal behaviour.