The Behavioural Aspect Of Kennelling And Pet Sitting Dogs

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So you’ve decided to set up a kennelling business or to start pet sitting from home. You have the place, a love for dogs (and the money) and would love to invest in a lucrative business. Well, you are not the only one – kennels and pet sitting facilities are sprouting up like mushrooms all over the country. Anyone even remotely connected to canines is setting up a kennel or becoming a pet sitter. Sure the business is lucrative and there is a huge demand. But few of these budding entrepreneurs realise that operating a kennel or pet sitting facility requires more than a place and an affinity for dogs. Many a kennel or pet sitting facility has opened up with great fanfare only to shut down in a couple of months.


A good kennel owner or a pet sitter must have an intricate knowledge of canines and their behaviour. Without the knowledge, a boarded dog can become unhappy, bored or even develop serious behaviour problems – leading to complaints against you and your business in the long run. If you want to stand out from the other businesses, be renowned for your care and expertise in kennelling or pet sitting, then  join this course and learn how to keep your canine – and human – customers satisfied; and be the proud owner of the ‘yappiest’ canine boarding facility in India!

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Duration and Dates

20th April to 25th April 2020


Dadar, Mumbai
10 am to 2 pm everyday for a duration of 6 days

Is This Course For You?

The course will offer a wealth of behavioural advice for any dog lover – from a pet owner to a hobbyist to a professional. Even kennel owners or pet sitters who have successfully run their business for years (and think they know it all) will take home a wealth of information. If you want to own the most popular and successful kennelling/pet sitting business in India, this course is a must!

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