Blog | 21 Day Dog Challenge – Day 13
03 Apr
April 03, 2020 | Categories: 21 Day Dog Challenge

DAY 13

Things you should NOT do to your dog during the lockdown!

  • Do not cut your dog’s nails on your own, especially if you have no experience in it and never by using human nail cutters.
  • Do not paint your dog’s nails – no matter how bored you are.
  • Give your dog a haircut on your own. This will not turn out well. Trust me.
  • Do not wallow in sadness together and share a drink to bond; unless the drink is chicken soup. Alcohol as you should know is dangerous for dogs.
  • No binge feeding- no matter how well your dog begs. Binge eating isn’t good for you or your dog.
  • Please do not take 100 selfies of you and your dog every ten minutes and share on social media.
  • Sing together. Group howling sessions may seem fun to you but are not for your neighbours.
  • Do not keep clinging to your dog. Give him some alone time away from you to enjoy his own company.
  • Do not keep dressing up your dog in various outfits through the day. Your dog is not amused by it.
  • Do not keep working and ignore your dog all day. Lockdowns come rarely in history. Make the most of your time to bond and play with your dog.