Blog | 5 Signs of a Good Trainer
14 Mar
March 14, 2022 | Categories: Dog Behaviour

Have you recently brought home a new puppy? Are you looking forward to a lifetime of fun bonding, playtime, and learning tricks with your little Luna or Max? Hiring a good trainer can decisively shape this very bond. So, how do you find the right trainer? Here are five signs to look out for!

  1. For the love of dogs!

    The motivating factor for any good trainer should be making the communication and understanding between you and your pet smoother to make your lives together easier. If s/he insists on using harsh tools and methods, it will hamper training, and could even traumatise the puppy! The dog’s tail should be wagging happily when the trainer rings your doorbell.

  2. Asks the dog what it wants

    The trainer should be able to communicate effectively with the dog as well as its humans. She should be able to pick up on cues through the dog’s body language and behaviour and convey them to you sans technical jargon.

  3. Quick-thinking

    Besides formal education in training methods, a trainer should also be quick on her feet with creative solutions taking into account the dog’s personality. If Plan A doesn’t work out, she must have Plans B & C stacked away in her little fanny pack, along with treats.

  4. Patience and Resilience

    Shaping a dog’s behaviour takes time and effort. A trainer should be able to stay calm, patient, and resilient to allow both you and your dog to process your training sessions. Remember, haste makes waste!

  5. Flexibility

    Training must start with a temperament test. The training program is customised as per the dog’s needs and temperament, as well as your family’s lifestyle and needs. The trainer should also be willing to alter it if the situation calls for it. If your trainer sticks to a standard plan that does not take into consideration your dog’s temperament and behavioural needs, it’s time to say bye-bye!

Shivani Kuthe, a professional canine trainer, offers puppy raising, obedience training and pre-puppy consultations in Bangalore. You can find her on Instagram as @kuthe_shivani, and her business page is