Blog | That’s a nosey hello! What do dogs get from smelling each other’s behinds?
17 Mar
March 17, 2022 | Categories: Dog Behaviour

Why do dogs sniff each other’s bum?

When two dogs meet, they greet each other by sniffing the other’s rear end. The dog’s anal glands lie on either side of its anus which secrete a strong-smelling fluid when a dog meets another, is aggressively aroused, excited, scared or even angry.

This fluid contains certain odours that can be ‘read’ by another dog. Each dog gives off a particular scent that is peculiar only to him or her. In human society we identify each other by fingerprints or photos or stalking social media accounts; dogs do it with this special scent.

The ‘sniffer’ can seemingly tell the sex of ‘sniffee’, its mood, health, and state of mind. Dogs of a certain height will try this method on the humans they meet.

However, if your dog is carrying out this behaviour excessively with humans, there could be a hormonal / sexual element involved. In which case, neutering or spaying the animal will help reduce the behaviour.

If a dog is persistent, keep a spray bottle filled with diluted bitter lemon juice and squirt it at the dog every time he carries out the behaviour.

Simultaneously, the dog should be taught and encouraged to carry out a more acceptable greeting, such as Sit, and then rewarded for it.