Online Canine Behaviour Course

8 Units

Duration and Dates

If you have always been fascinated by dogs and wondered why they behave the way they bark for attention, chew up the new sofa when left alone, toilet inappropriately or even dislike your favourite aunt ?

Have you wondered about these doggie behaviours? Then this could course could be an eye-opener for you. It explains why dogs behave the way they do and shows you simple solutions to help correct behaviour issues.
in her journey in the world of dog training,  Shirin Merchant saw a need for sharing aspects of canine behavioural science and psychology with pet parents to help them find simple solutions to their pets’ perplexing behaviours.
Thus this course was born. It sheds light on the root causes behind some common canine behaviour problems and shows you how set it right with simple solutions that balance the dog-owner relationship in fun, communicative ways.
If you want to understand your dog’s quirky, chaotic and destructive behaviours better, this course is for you.

Course Syllabus

What will I learn on the course?

Course Description

The comprehensive 10 day course will be held entirely online.
  • The course will include live classes with Shirin Merchant
  • Each session will be for 2 hours.
  • Sessions will be interactive – students will be able to discuss and ask questions during the sessions.
  • Students will have access to the recordings for 6 months after the duration of the course.
  • Students will be given access to over 30 videos and articles for 6 months to support their learning journey!
  • Students will require a computer and reliable internet.
  • Students will be emailed a soft copy certificate on completion of the course.

Training Faculty

The course will be conducted by India’s pioneering canine behaviourist and trainer – Shirin Merchant

Since 1995, she has helped dog owners around the world with behaviour and training problems ranging from dominance, housetraining, chewing, aggression, destruction to boredom and compulsive behaviours. She has trained over thousands dogs with breeds ranging from the feisty Pomeranian to the shy Samoyed.

Over the years, Shirin has conducted courses in Canine Behaviour for professionals who are currently pursuing successful careers in the field.

Shirin understands dog behaviour from the canine perspective and on this course she will share her knowledge and decades of experience with the students.

In 2013, Shirin gained her accreditation to the prestigious Kennel Club of England Accreditation Scheme for Trainers and became a fully accredited member of the KCAI (Kennel Club of England) holding an accreditation in Companion Dog Training and Behavioural Training at the advanced level. She is the only person outside of Europe to have achieved this distinct honour and is one of nine people in the world to have the accreditation in Behavioural Training.

Shirin was awarded the KCAI International Commendation for Trainer of the Year at a ceremony at Cruft’s Dog Show in England in 2014.


Is This Course For You?

The comprehensive course is ideal for anyone keen on furthering their knowledge of canine behaviour – either to help understand their own dog’s behaviour, to expand their own canine communication skills or as a stepping stone to understanding canine behaviour as a career. Students will understand why dogs behave the way they do and how to change a dog’s behaviour without resorting to punishment.

The course will be conducted only in English and students are required to have a good understanding of the language.

If you have struggled to understand your dog’s issues, contact professionals, tried various remedies and yet failed, this course will help give you the answers you have been looking for.