Diwali! The very word conjures up images of coloured rangolis, delectable mithai, gay lanterns swaying in the breeze, and of course the vivid firecrackers lighting up the skies. While most people look forward to Diwali with gusto, pet owners fear for their animals. Every year, dogs experience fear and confusion over the loud blasts. 

Most well-meaning pet parents try to help their dogs, but sometimes can actually make fears worse in a dog in just one season.

This webinar will help you understand how to deal with fear issues correctly and how to keep your dog safe this Diwali season.

The webinar will cover…

  • How to handle a fearful dog when the fireworks go off
  • Should you comfort your dog when he is frightened?
  • What can make the fear worse?
  • How to help a dog settle in when you have guests over
  • What are the celebrations you need to keep your dog away from and which ones you should allow your dog to participate in?
  • How to prevent noise fears from setting in permanently
  • How to monitor levels of stress in your dog
  • Exercises to reduce stress levels in a dog
  • How to handle a puppy’s first Diwali

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