• Does your dog bark or lunge at other dogs when out for a walk?
  • Is your dog nervous around other dogs?
  • Does your dog pick fights with other dogs?

Join ‘The Dog Hate Dog World’ Webinar and learn why your dog doesn’t like other dogs and give you simple, practical strategies and management tips to help you and your dog manage difficult situations.

Topics covered will include…

  • Why dogs dislike other dogs
  • Dog to dog socialisation – how to do it right
  • Difference in healthy and unhealthy dog play
  • The correct way to socialize your dog
  • The early signs of aggression
  • How to handle a dog that is nervous around other dogs
  • How to handle leash walking around other dogs
  • Learn how to make your walks happy for you and your dog
  • When dog play can be harmful to your dog
  • Learn to listen to what your dog wants
  • Learn how to keep your dog safe and happy
  • Common mistakes pet parents/pet professionals make to promote aggression