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Here are a few things to keep in mind to ensure a pleasant trip for both humans and pooches. Research beforehand
: It’s super important to do our research beforehand. Dogs might not be allowed in certain zones. A few areas may be too dangerous for the dogs to venture out. We have been to a […]

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07 Oct

WHY WON’T YOUR PUP GET TOILET TRAINED? 5 common mistakes pet owners make when housetraining their puppies Toilet training a pup is a relatively easy process. Yet, most puppy owners struggle to get their pup to toilet in the correct place. Simple mistakes can complicate the process and prolong the process. Here are a few […]

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“Socialising your pup at the correct age can help it to grow into a happy, confident adult dog.” – By Shirin Merchant Romila thought she was the perfect puppy owner. She had brought up her six month old Golden Retriever –Tango with plenty of love, discipline and protected him from all that could harm him. […]

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12 Sep
Puppy Proofing The Home September 12, 2019

“PUPPY PROOFING THE HOME” – By Shirin Merchant Aargh! That puppy’s at it again! It’s been only a month since the adorable animal stepped into your home. But within weeks, that cute fur ball has turned into a not so cute demolition army that has singly gone about destroying your home. As you look around […]

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02 Sep

“5 FUN THINGS TO DO WITH YOUR PUPPY” – By Shirin Merchant Puppies are simple souls and small things in life can make them happy. Here are five effortless ideas that will help put a wag in your pup’s tail. Go for a beach picnic Puppies absolutely love gambolling in the sand, sniffing the wet […]

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23 Aug
Preparing For Puppy August 23, 2019

“Everything you need to welcome your new puppy home” – By Shirin Merchant Bringing home a new puppy can be one of the most exciting things in life. Puppies bring cheer, love and warmth into a home. But pups can also be a handful, especially in the first few days when the pup is settling […]

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