Blog | Is The Beagle the Dog For You?
02 Jun
June 02, 2022 | Categories: Living with Dogs

There’s a good reason why the beagle is one of the most desired pet dog breeds today. The friendly and playful hound has an effervescent nature and loves being a part of the family. Beagles tend to be generally good with other dogs, and often with cats – especially if

socialised well at an early age.

It has a fantastic ability to think for himself and has an intelligent mind. This is good news for owners who desire an energetic dog that enjoys playing a wide variety of games and loves outdoor exercise. But for the sedentary owner, this breed can be a nightmare to own. The dog cannot handle long periods of isolation and will find ways to amuse itself by either chewing up your home, barking, howling and/ or digging up your garden or garbage bin.

Potential owners, please note, beagles love the sound of their own bark – the dog will often vocalise for good reason – a stranger at the door, a stray barking in the distance or even when the neighbour’s doorbell is rung – and then, it will be happy to sound the siren for no good reason too. And, the dog’s bark, as with most hounds continues into a melodious howl that can turn your friendliest neighbours into bitter foes.

If you harbour ambitions of competing with your clever hound in any obedience trials, do ensure your hire a top-notch trainer. Few beagles make their way into any obedience ring –their attention is easily diverted by a delectable odour or even a cat running in the distance; combined with the dog’s wilful nature make it a difficult candidate to control. That said, beagle owners should find it heartening to note that beagles do have a very sturdy sense of smell – the dogs are a preferred choice as sniffer dogs at many airports around the world and under their expert trainers, they work undeterred for long periods of time. So it is possible to train a beagle, you just require good handling skills and plenty of patience

Beagles love the outdoors. If you are a couch potato or do not have the time to exercise or play with your hound be prepared to have your sofa chewed up or your exotic potted plant shredded. Beagles are happiest with owners who ensure daily playtime and plenty of fun exercise.

Prospective buyers should ensure that they opt for breeders who concentrate on good health, good temperament, and trainability in their puppies. Do stay away from dealers or backyard breeders or you probably will end up with a dog that is nasty in temperament or high strung and is suffering from health disorders that will crop up later in life.

Put in a nutshell, if you desire a fun-loving, devoted dog that has a voracious appetite for life, and you are confident that you have the time, patience  and energy to keep up with the energetic dog, then the beagle may be the doggy mate you have been looking for.