Blog | Why a Senior Dog Makes such an Easy Pet
02 May
May 02, 2022 | Categories: Living with Dogs

Are you looking at adding a new addition to your family, but maybe don’t have the time, energy and environment that a puppy requires? Then a senior dog is the one for you!

Puppies can make your hair out with their unending energy, give you sleepless nights with their constant toileting and destroy furniture while teething. If you work long, exhausting hours, a puppy may become more of a frenemy than a friend.

Here are some advantages of adopting a senior dog

They are toilet trained: Most adult dogs come completely toilet trained and will have a couple of accidents at the most. This will save you a lot of cleaning up and time taken to house-break a puppy.

Non-destructive: With their teething phase behind them, older dogs will not have a taste for your furniture and shoes.

Low energy requirements: Older dogs require less exercise  — mental and physical. Most are happy to just be in the company of people. If you want a dog relaxing for most of the day by your side, pick the older dog!

Most senior pups have some level of basic training — general commands such as Sit, Come and Stay. This saves the time and money invested in a trainer.

You cannot predict what a puppy will grow up into. Personality traits are more or less set in an adult dog— the good and the bad.

A dog gets to live out his/her final years surrounded by love and happiness.


Like senior citizens, senior canine citizens also usually have health concerns. Do expect regular vet visits or medical procedures.

You don’t get enough time with them. Losing a pet is traumatic. Dealing with this heartbreak after only such a short period of time with them is difficult.

The dog may have been given up for serious behavioural issues — such as aggression. Or s/he simply does not trust and like human beings. Not all of these issues can be trained out of the dog. Have a behaviourist assess the dog before taking her home.