Blog | What to Pack for Your Dog on Holiday
12 May
May 12, 2022 | Categories: Dog Health and Care

Travelling with dogs is so much fun! Here’s a list of things we wouldn’t leave home without when we travel with dogs


Spare collar and leash

Long leash: We LOVE the 20/30 feet ones from For The Love of Dog

Water bowl: Pet water bottles are good too but we love the collapsible bowls similar to this one.

Food bowl

Dry kibble: Most often, our dogs get fresh food on the trips but we do carry some kibble as a backup. If your dog has a sensitive stomach or is a fussy eater, carry the brand of kibble that the dog eats. You may not be able to find it everywhere.

First aid kit:  Medicines for small issues such as fever, vomiting, loosies, minor allergies, etc. If your dog gets motion sick, make sure to carry meds for the same. I would highly recommend consulting your vet and getting the medicines and dosages specifically for your dog. Don’t forget a thermometer, an antiseptic, some gauze and cotton for wounds.

Comb or Brush


Poop bags and some newspapers

Some treats and Chewies

Wet wipes

Health records for the dogs

Name tag with mobile numbers

Details of the nearest Veterinary clinic at each stop

We love to drive and my dogs have gotten used to car rides. So travelling by road is our preferred mode. So we always have the below items in our car

Car seat cover or Car hammock – along with keeping the car seats clean, it ensures your dog doesn’t fall into the footwell when braking urgently.

Car seat belts: Especially useful for the dogs that just can’t settle down during the journey and want to keep jumping to the front seat.

A can of water: Dogs need to stay hydrated. Instead of carrying multiple bottles or having to refill frequently, we keep a 10 litre can in the car.


Deepthi AR is a behaviourist based in Bengaluru; you can follow her on @happypupprsblr. Here are her other tips for travelling with your dog