Blog | All you need to know about the German Shepherd Dog or the Alsatian
18 Apr
April 18, 2022 | Categories: Dog Behaviour

One of the most recognised breeds the world over,   the   German Shepherd  Dog,  or  GSD  as it is popularly known,  has been around for only about 90   years.   The breed traces its ancestors to a widely diverse group of herding and farm dogs in Germany.  In the late  19th Century,    the shepherds banded together to breed a uniform herding dog with versatility and intelligence. The German Shepherd Dog was thus born.  The breed progressed and gained in popularity as the years went by.

During the First World War, the British did not want the dog to have a German name and hence renamed the dog after the Alsace region in France. After the war, the name was restored to GSD by the kennel club.

Due to its loyalty and easy trainability,  the breed is widely used as a police dog, guide dog for the blind, drug and contraband detection dog, and search and rescue dog.


A  handsome,  dignified animal,  the male  GSD  stands  24-26  inches at the withers and weighs around  34-43 kgs.  The thick,  weather-resistant coat is normally black and tan or a mixture with a dark saddle. White dogs are not allowed in the show ring. The coat also comes in a variety of lengths, from short to long. Long coats are considered a fault in the show ring.