Blog | What it’s like to live with a Beagle
16 Mar
March 16, 2022 | Categories: Dog Behaviour

Living with Snoopy

“When my family decided to get ourselves a beagle puppy, we had no idea what we’d be in for. For a beagle puppy is not just any puppy. Snoopy spent just about a week in the special crate we purchased for him. He then made his way into my bed and now I must admit it is more his bed than mine.

“All puppies are high energy in their first year but a beagle takes this to a new level; as advised in the books we thought ample exercise would be the remedy for a calmer dog. But don’t always believe what you read in a book.

“Snoopy had to be cajoled and bribed to go on his morning walk. Often during his walk he’d stop and roll over on his back kicking his paws in the air. This garnered him much attention amongst the other morning walkers who either dispense advice on how to get him going again or accuse my hapless maid of cruelty to what seems like a tired animal and some even collect cab fare for her to take him home despite her explanations that the whole charade’s aim is to get him to be carried home.

“Soon, the regular audience caught on and advised the new maids on how to tackle the problem. But, we are yet fortunate; a neighbouring beagle owner had to summon her car whenever her dog stopped mid-walk.

“Every evening, Snoopy went to the local park for a run. One day, he heard the sound of firecrackers and shot out of the park with me in hot pursuit. He jumped into the back of a taxi and waited there for me. He obviously was under the assumption that all cabs take him home.

“The amazed taxi driver was walking around asking people whether they were responsible for the dog in his cab when I breathlessly intercepted him. Whatever happened to dogs sniffing their way home!

“Beagles, in my opinion, are far smarter than any human, have a mind of their own (that’s putting it mildly), enjoy a food fetish, are very affectionate and need ample exercise. They are hounds and have an acute sense of smell and are prone to wander off behind an exciting odour forgetting all else. They have a tendency to eat anything (resulting in many an emergency visit to the vet). And oh! Did I mention their strange quirks? Snoopy insisted on a little ice cube before and after every walk he takes.

Regardless of these stubborn traits, beagles endear themselves to every human they meet. During his time with us, Snoopy was the most-loved creature in our home.